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Proclamation Institute Zambia (PIZ) teaches bible handling skills to Zambian men and women in their own culture and context.

The Church in Zambia is growing at an encouraging rate but the rise in number of Christians is not matched by an increase in the number of trained pastors. Young Christians and untrained pastors are vulnerable to prosperity teaching and a message that combines true Christianity with traditional African beliefs.

PIZ trains preachers in order to grow churches. They hope that those they train will in turn train others, as per 2 Timothy 2:2. The PIZ course lasts one year and provides affordable and accessible teaching for church leaders across the country.

Andrew Muwowo founded PIZ in 2016, after a decade spent planting churches in Zambia but continually struggling to find pastors to lead the plants. He writes, '150 years ago there were no Christians in Zambia and yet, today, almost 30% are evangelical believers. There is a need for these Christians to be grounded in the scriptures. PIZ means that pastors can now preach from God’s word, rather than just their own ideas.'

The PIZ syllabus includes principles of biblical exposition, Christian ethics, pastoral care, missiology and the study of specific bible books and genres. All students are attached to local churches where they are trained for practical ministry and can put into practice what they are learning.



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