October 2018

I hope you’re well and the summer season has been refreshing.

It was warm when I visited to attend EMA, Crosslinks orientation and PAG selection conference from 11 June – 22 July, it felt as though I was in Accra! I thank the Lord and you also for your prayers, encouragements and support so I can be here to equip and train the women, students and youth and children leaders. It was a great joy seeing you again at St Helen’s, Crossway Stratford, City Summer School and at Crosslinks meetings. My apologies I couldn’t meet many friends and family, my time was short and some of the conferences were outside of London. Apologies also for the delay hearing from me since my return. I arrived and had two funerals of close family friends to attend. They were both Christians so there was a real comfort in our grief. These two are different from the four bereavements we had at our church earlier in the year. Furthermore, I was catching up at my part-time admin job I started in March, looking for gospel opportunities with the women at work and raising support locally. Sometimes the students ask me questions about my job for career advice which leads to gospel conversations.


We thank the Lord for the 52 students (27 men and 25 women) he has provided to be trained and equipped for 2018/19 on the Relite bible handling and expository preaching course, which began on the 25 August. The majority of the 52 students lead student congregations (among the approx. 40,000 student population of the University of Ghana Legon campus). Please pray we will hear the Lord Jesus' words and he’ll make us the good soil: fruitful, growing up, increasing and yielding 30, 60 100-fold, to his glory. Please pray I’ll be a great support to Rev Yaw Boamah and Rev Julius Coomson in my official new role as Relite womens’ worker and have wisdom about how to pray, disciple, love and equip them with the word.


There are bible studies on our church premises during the week open to all students from freshers to National Service students (graduates who serve the country for one year). Most of the students who come will identify themselves as Christians - so we’ll ask them how they became Christians followed by studies in John 3 to help them see our salvation is entirely from God. He alone can give us the spiritual life we so desperately need, he alone can make us ‘born’ as again, to enable us to enter his kingdom through his son our Lord Jesus. Then we’ll have studies on God’s plan for his redeemed people, then studies on prayer and then finally how to understand the Bible for yourself.


Young Adults Fellowship - YAF

I have been asked to lead a session on ‘how to understand the Bible for yourself’ at our next retreat on 2 October. Please pray for good preparation, understanding and application of the book of Malachi: that I’ll be faithful and that it will equip us all to be better bible handlers, love studying the word and deepen our relationship with the Lord. 

Please pray for Young Adults (25-35 year olds at our church) Friday Christian book read (to start soon) – that it will grow us to love the Lord more than anything else. Pray for wisdom in choosing which books to read first (I have in mind God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts - an overview of the Bible). Hopefully it will help us love God more as we see the overall picture of who he is, what he has done, where he’s taking the universe and how he has radically changed our lives. Hopefully it will protect us from the prosperity gospel, focusing on spiritual gifts, speaking in tongues and other things. 

11 JUNE - 22 JULY

We bless the Lord for an encouraging time at EMA ‘Preaching Christ in all of the Scriptures’. The main talks were helpful as well as the seminar streams on preaching Christ to unbelievers, preaching Christ from Psalms, Proverbs, Daniel and OT narrative. Also great teaching at St Helen’s in 2 Chronicles 29-30 by William. For a revival to take place God’s people must consecrate themselves following the King’s speech and invitation. Our Lord Jesus has spoken and invited us and his church needs to respond in repentance to see revival. Crossway Stratford: Ecclesiastes 3 by Olly reminded us we aren’t in control, God is, and death makes everything futile. Solomon’s answer is: to be joyful, do good, eat, drink and take pleasure in our work; although only our Lord Jesus has an answer to death. In City Summer School in I Chronicles by William we were encouraged to respond to the Lord who has saved us and done mighty things as in I Chronicles 16:8-13, to be thankful to the Lord, praise him and seek his presence continually. Then I attended Crosslinks Personnel Advisory Group (PAG) selection conference from 17-18 July as my role was changing from a project worker to being a mission partner. Praise the Lord it went well. I also had a useful and extensive orientation in Gospel and Culture, crossing cultures (both by Neil Watkinson), partnership by Jamie Read and keeping spiritually healthy by Helen Read. Security issues, risk assessment and safeguarding by Lucy Hefford, Singleness by Andrea Trevenna, Transition Management, Conflict management by Joel Khor and counting the cost by James and Barbara Sherwood. Finally, a thorough health check. Praise the Lord for his help through it all.

Thank you for reading and praying for and with me. I would love to hear from you also, how you’re doing so I can also be praying with you. Thank you very much. May our Lord continue to strengthen you as you serve and live for his return - always abounding in his work as our labour in the Lord is never in vain because of the hope of the resurrection.

With love in Christ,


Please give thanks for: 

  • 52 students the Lord has brought us.
  • New teachers to assist with leading bible studies.
  • Supplying all we need to run Relite 2018/19.

Please pray:

  • At Relite we’ll hear the Lord Jesus, grow and be fruitful and be good handlers of the word.
  • For wisdom in how to reach the 40k campus students - both believers and unbelievers.
  • That I'd be excellent support to Rev Yaw Boamah and Rev Julius Coomson in my new role as Relite womens’ worker and at church Young Adults (25-35year olds) bible study co-ordinator.

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