Nekemte School for the Deaf

Former Mission Partner Jenny Merritt was one of the first to teach at Nekemte School for the Deaf and, from that beginning, a community-based rehabilitation programme developed for children with a range of disabilities.

Although retired, Jenny continues to write programmes and teaching manuals to be used by other schools for the deaf in Ethiopia and organises visits by specialist teams. The school has an ongoing role in promoting education for the deaf in Ethiopia, since without communication skills deaf people cannot find employment.

There is also a programme for the rehabilitation of young people with disabilities which helps them access health care and education in the wider area through community staff.

Jenny Merritt writes, 'We pray for the faithful donors who provide the funds for the work to continue and for the prayer supporters who have stayed with us through the joys as well as the difficulties. We are seeking the means to extend the buildings for the school to teach further subjects. It is a blessing that several people willingly visit from overseas to share in the life of the school and rehabilitation programme.'




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