April 2019

Dear Friends,

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Please join with us in rejoicing for many answers to prayer in the first three months of this year. 

Miriam has started her gap year off with trips to Geneva, Washington DC and Seoul as she works alongside Grandpa (Nat’s dad). We give thanks as she grows in her faith, has safe travel and begins her journey in the ‘big world’ outside the safety of family life. We have also had the joy of her being here, home with us, for the last two weeks and we have holidayed and rested together.

Chris has picked up the pace with his school work, for which we rejoice, working hard on homework and assignments alike. He is also ploughing time into cricket, the start of the hockey season, and his progress in FIFA on his PS4. Chris was robbed at gun point recently – thankfully not harmed. Please pray for peace and safety for us all.

We give thanks that Bethany has started off the first year of home schooling very well, she is disciplined and self controlled and is much happier in life generally. Her enjoyment of dance, including the newly added ballet classes, are a source of great delight (and exercise). 

Isaac is consistent in his enjoyment of school and friendship, we rejoice in his love of life!

As for Nat and Helen, life is busy and rewarding. With one fewer offspring at home it is quieter and less hectic, but Helen gives thanks for the time she has to lead bible studies, meet one to one with women and be available to family and others. This year so far has been particularly encouraging with regard to meeting with women to read the Bible and pray.

Nat is leading the staff team as they now run two campuses (Auckland Park and Soweto) – serving more students than ever before. The team are also working through an accreditation process and Nat is adjusting his focus to more leadership and fundraising – all challenging in their own right, but we give thanks that the Lord continues to provide his daily strength.

As for what to keep in your prayers for us….

  • Miriam returns to Cambridge this week, please pray that she stays strong in her faith, puts down roots in church and Cambridge life, and has clear guidance about university decisions in the months ahead.
  • For Chris, pray with us that his determination to work hard at school sticks and that he would have a greater love for Jesus than for his academics, sport or PS4!
  • Bethany would value prayers for her academic work, for energy to put into keeping up friendships and that opportunities would come up to meet others involved in homeschooling (not too far away).
  • For Isaac we pray for his ability to focus on the ‘task at hand’ (whatever that happens to be), and as he has to remember homework, assignments, sports fixtures and to do his home chores, that his ability to do all this would strengthen.
  • Having felt that the last three to four years have involved a need to ‘be available’, to family especially, Helen would greatly value a sense of ‘calling’ over what the next phase of her life will involve. Please pray for her ability to meet needs as they present themselves, read the Bible faithfully with individual women, and contentment in whatever the Lord calls her to put her hand to.
  • Nat would value prayer for his leadership ability as college grows and opportunities multiply, for his relationship with the Lord that it would deepen and grow, and that he would continue to grow in his teaching and preaching gifting.

With much love in Christ,

Nat, Helen, Miriam, Chris, Beth and Isaac

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