Mthuthuzeli Mgwebi

Mthuthuzeli is studying at Johannesburg Bible College in South Africa.

Mthuthuzeli is from a small town in KwaZulu Natal and, for the past five years, has worked as a printing assistant for Kodak. He has been involved with Crossways Church in Hilton since 2009, most recently leading the youth group. Mthuthuzeli hopes to work full-time in Christian ministry and so has been recommended to train at Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) to equip him for this.

After he completes his training, Mthuthuzeli plans to teach at the KwaZulu Natal branch of JBC. This is invaluable work, with the potential to impact many hundreds of churches and congregations across Africa in the years to come.

Mthuthuzeli is studying the two-year Ministry Training Course at Johannesburg Bible College, from January 2019 - November 2020. He needs £5,250 to complete his studies.




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