Ministry Apprenticeship Training

Ministry Apprenticeship Training (MAT) teaches young Christians the skills needed to better handle God's word. MAT follows the model of a Christian gap year – common in the UK but otherwise not available in this region of South Africa. 

The course focuses on equipping young people with the tools to understand and interpret the Bible and the skills and confidence to teach it to others. Topics covered include:

  • Principles of expository preaching 
  • Principles to interpret the Bible
  • How to discover the content and context of a bible passage
  • How to establish the structure and purpose of a bible passage
  • How to determine the meaning and application of a bible passage 

Apprentices also get involved with ministry within local churches – primarily discipleship and evangelism among women, children and students. 

MAT is led by Simon Banda, a Namibian based in Port Elizabeth who helped to set up the project. Simon is keen to devote himself to MAT ful-time, enabling the programme to be opened up to young people from a wider circle of churches. However, local resources are not currently available to sustain this project financially. MAT is therefore looking for partners in the UK and Ireland who can support the work through prayer and giving. 



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