September 2021

The aim of my role is to make disciple-makers and so I am keen to equip more passionate, available and teachable people. It is a deep and quality work in a few for the sake of the many. 

In July, we had two training workshops: one for evangelists and the other for volunteer ministry workers. At both, we trained people how to prepare Christ-centred sermons, plan a service and lead cell groups, as well as taught some sessions on biblical theology. In total, 60 people came to the two trainings. Pray that those who came will be faithful workers and that they will keep growing in the Lord even as they serve.

Packing up the cars to go to Chalbi.

Mission and outreach

August was the month of mission for Marsabit diocese. This year we had two mission trips – one to the Chalbi desert (where the Gabra people live) and the other at a place called Walda (where the Borana live). 

In Chalbi we reached about 700 families and about 200 committed to following Christ. Pray for the local pastors as they shepherd and point these new believers to Christ and the new way of doing life.

Reading the Bible at a Manyatta.


I bet that transition is a tricky time for all of us. Change and transition are inevitable and so we have to prepare ourselves for them. Ropes is a programme that helps those who are transitioning from primary education to secondary education to apply the gospel truth to their situation.

In July, we met with some boys who finished primary school this summer, to think through the biblical framework on friendship, sex, change and love. We met for two hours a week for five weeks. Every week, we spent the first thirty minutes listening to expository talks on 1 John. Pray that this programme will take root and have a real impact among these little ones.

En route to Chalbi

Thanksgiving and prayer

  • Praise God for the opportunity to do mission trips to Chalbi and Walda.
  • Give thanks to God for friends and partners who give towards our ministry here.
  • Pray for Ann and I as we co-lead Hula-Hula Church.
  • Pray for strength as we are feeling a bit exhausted.
  • Pray for the upcoming clergy and deacons training (on understanding and preaching Jonah and Mark).
 Locals listening to a gospel talk.
Performing a drama / skit in a village.
A burst tyre.

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