November 2021

What a joy to partner in the gospel with you. Whenever we think of you, we praise God for your generosity and partnership, which is a huge encouragement to us as we labour here in the Diocese of Marsabit.

Marsabit County has witnessed bloody tribal clashes over the past few months. This has left many dead, others angry and crying for justice and many others homeless and desperate. Because of this, there is a cloud of fear and tension across the diocese. We’d love your prayers for peace. Pray that all of us will treasure and value human life no matter how different the ‘other’ might be from us.

There is also a tough drought and famine threatening the lives of animals and people. Do plead with us that the Lord would open the heavens for us. 

What a joy that in all this turmoil the Lord continues to build his Church. Youth ministry continues to bear fruit and to this end we praise God. At least seven young people have shown interest in working in gospel ministry! Two of them have been trained and ordained. The other five (including one lady) are at a seminary here in Kenya. Ask the lord to keep growing their love for him, his people and his work.

Ann, Neema and I had the wonderful privilege of attending the Eneza conference. This is a church planters conference organised by iServe Africa and Grace Point Church. At the conference, I had the opportunity to do an exposition of 2 Timothy. This was a worthy charge and a reminder that the Church is the Lord’s and that it is he that builds his Church through his word/gospel. And so ours is the call to guard this gospel, not by locking it away but by preaching it, suffering for it and entrusting it to reliable and faithful men who can teach it and pass it on to others.

On 7 November the diocese celebrated a decade of God’s faithfulness and fruitful ministry here in Marsabit. Praise God that you have been a close partner and friend in this success story. We long and even pray for the Lord to foster our partnership even to more deeply unto many more years of abiding and bearing fruit that lasts.

The church at Hula Hula is growing dear to us. We thirst and hunger for the truth to sound forth in this village and that the Lord will be glorified in building his Church here.

In other news, Ann and I are expecting our second ‘bundle of blessings’! We are really excited about this. We desire to be used by the Lord to disciple these little ones that the Lord is entrusting to us. Please pray for the safety of Ann and the baby during delivery and pray that the baby will come to us healthy and full of life.

Thanks for your prayers.

Jomo Nderitu

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