June 2019

LWU gospel partnership

This year was my debut in being part of the Living Word Uganda (LWU) January conference. It was helpful to just sit under good teaching through expositions from Zechariah, Exodus and Titus. I majorly participated in co-leading a group of students through bible study sessions on Titus.

In March and April I was also privileged to join the LWU team to carry out the central, eastern (Jinja) and northern (Gulu) regional Area Bible Seminars on 2 Peter. In these I participated as a bible study group leader and on both and did an exposition from 2 Peter 1:1-10.

I have also had the opportunity to join in as a participant and facilitator of the rooted bible study in Makerere University, particularly through Titus and 1 John.

Leading a bible study group at the January 2019 LWU Conference

Our prayer is that these opportunities to interact with God’s word among students through the ministry of God’s word will be helping us to grow in Christ – given the pastoral value in the books of the Bible studied. Also, we pray it would be enabling us to learn together how to correctly handle God’s word – given the study skills shared as we look at God’s word with them. 

In future I hope to continue to participate in the Area Bible Seminars (Mbarara and Arua are coming up soon), serve in teaching the gospel of Mark and the parables on the Apprenticeship Ministry Training programme, and continue to be a part of the rooted bible study as and when the semester resumes.

Ministry in Bunga and the city

It has been a delight to be able to start hosting a Saturday Fellowship in Bunga. We kicked off in January, had an upset when there was theft in the house but resumed some time in February to the end of March. We broke off in April to allow for a visit to Kenya and free people to concentrate on time with their local churches during the busy Easter season. We resumed our fellowship in May. It has been great to have lots of visits from friends but the challenge has been making invitations locally and having them to commit to coming regularly. We have had studies on the gospel of Mark to point us to Jesus and how we can be his disciples. Please continue to pray for our growth in Christ and number as we study the Gospel message. Thank God too that there has been continued opportunity to disciple the boys whose stay with me was short-lived after the sad theft incident. Please pray for me to do some work to initiate more relationships with those in my very neighbourhood for gospel ministry.

Swallowship just before bible study

Some friends I have laboured to get to the Saturday fellowship because they would be great partners in the gospel have failed to make it. I have opted to meet them in town after working hours usually on a Friday starting in May. So far we are reading 1 Thessalonians together and pray that this will grow. The first study was with just one (though I had hoped three would turn up), the second one was with two. Pray that this will go on and have more people come to it. My ultimate prayer is to have a group of city workers who are drawn to follow Christ through his word and to grow the meeting into a weekly fellowship where people can invite their workmates to hear the gospel. I am also offering to study the bible one-on-one with some for whom the schedule for the group meeting might be unfavourable. 

Ronald has continued to be of much help at the Saturday fellowship and a big encouragement in his walk with Christ. We talk a lot and it has been a joy to learn of his genuine desire to follow Christ and draw others to Christ both through opening God’s word with others and living a life dependent on Christ for himself. He has specifically opened the bible with the ladies he has worked with doing craft and the boys he is living with. I have also had the privilege to stand with him when he has faced challenges carrying on because of various cares that he has had in his life. But at the very best I thank God for the body of Christ that God has given him and the many ways God is at work in his life to keep him standing in Christ. Pray for this dear saint to endure in Christ, find his ultimate joy in living with Christ as his King and to be one whose love for all abounds more and more so as to draw many to Christ. 

Eyes and noses in the text as we study God’s word together

It has been my longing to also identify ways to reach the universities on Ggaba road. This involved praying, visiting the campuses a few times to observe and strategize, and being joined by Andrew Lubinga who offered some of his time to visit at least one university with me. The most encouraging result was coming across University Discipleship Movement (UDM). I got in touch with Pr. Kennedy who leads it and he has welcomed me as a brother and fellow worker in the gospel. They are eager to link me up with some of their students that live in Bunga so that I can walk with them. Please join me in thanking God for the open door of gospel partnership with UDM that will help me to start reaching some university students.

I have also had the privilege of visiting Bosco Bukera’s church plant in Wakiso a few times. On one particular Sunday evening I was invited to preach through Mark 2:1-17. I have been asked to preach on 10 June both in the morning and evening congregations as Bosco is away in South Africa for the Redeemer City-to-City church planters’ intensive.

Church planting preparations

I have had the opportunity to be part of the church planters’ trainings by Acts 29 and Redeemer City-to-City at Lugogo Baptist Church. These have been valuable in bringing up things to consider. I am currently reading the book ‘Center Church’ by Timothy Keller to help me glean from the wisdom of others. There is already a group of brothers in Kenya meeting monthly to discuss the book and think through church planting together. There is hope to begin such a group here in Uganda and I look forward to being part of it.  

I was able to make a trip to Kenya in April to visit Redeemer Bible Church (RBC) in Karren to follow-up our request for their partnership as a sending church. I met with the eldership to discuss progress and they asked us to prepare a prospectus to share with them. We were able to send that in May and now await further discussion with them about it. It was encouraging to know that RBC have continued to have us in their prayers. There was also opportunity to meet briefly with Pastor Ken of Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) and know that they too are willing to continue with us in gospel partnership. It was good to travel with Ronald and to get his feedback concerning the way church was conducted. This was particularly important because we plan to plant a church very similar RBC or EBC. I will make my next visit to Kenya in early July to carry the discussion further with RBC and attend the proclaim conference. Please continue to pray for our deliberations with RBC and our partnership with EBC.

We have continued to pray and plan together about the church plant. So far we have prepared and shared various documents with possible gospel trusts and partners who we hope will come alongside us in prayer and giving. We handed in our application to Crosslinks this May - please pray as we await a response. As of this week Derrick has passed on some good news that one of the trusts we have applied to is willing to support us for the first year. I am also meeting up with Simon Pilcher – a board member on another trust to whom we have applied – on 16 June, during his visit to Uganda. There is also work to prayerfully scout for a possible venue for the church to meet. Please pray for Derrick and Rae as they will be returning in Uganda this summer, God willing. Please also pray for Caleb and Eve whose time in London ends in December or January after Eve’s completion of a Master’s programme. 


One of the biggest joys coming home has been the opportunity to be with family a little more often. My brother has very kindly been available to chip in and check on me several times and I have also had opportunities to visit them. This year I have been blessed to celebrate my nephew’s birthday with some family and friends (pictures at top of page). We are also preparing for my brother’s kwanjula and wedding in December. Please continue to pray that I will have opportunities to minister to my family even as I enjoy being part of them as wonderful gift from God.