March 2021

Greetings from Kenya! As I write this, it is just a few hours after the first consignment of coronavirus vaccines arrived in Kenya. Everyone here is very excited about it. Many people are looking forward to getting the vaccination.

As I watched the news coverage of the arrival of the vaccines, I couldn’t help but think and long for the new creation as we read in Revelation 21:4, ‘God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.’ Yes, the former things will have passed away including COVID-19! We who are in Christ won’t need vaccinations any longer. Then we will be with the Lord forever! 

It is such a joy for me to be able to proclaim such good news here in Kenya as I continue to serve as a youth worker at GracePoint Church Kikuyu. I am so grateful for your support and partnership that enables me to share the good news of Jesus with many young people here.

Teaching Romans during the ministry training course.

During the first week of the year, I was involved in opening Romans 4-8 with about 20 iServe Africa apprentices as they started their ministry apprenticeship. It was such a joy to see more young people committing a year to service and to growing in faithful bible teaching.  

Reading a bible passage in Sunday school.

Here at GracePoint, the ministry is continuing on well. In Sunday school, we kicked off with a series through Genesis 1-28. It is such a joy for us to spend time with the children each Sunday as we teach them about God and his faithfulness in keeping all the promises to his people. Please keep praying that these children will put their trust and faith in God.  

Facilitating Sunday school teachers training.

Last month, I was very encouraged to recruit more Sunday school leaders to help in teaching the children. In a recent training session that I was facilitating, I encouraged the new leaders to keep sharing the good news of Jesus with the children. Please do pray for clarity and boldness as we keep proclaiming Christ to the children.   

In the youth ministry, we thank God that this ministry is continuing to grow. We just celebrated a year from the inception of TNT youth group. As we look back, there’s a lot of encouragement to what the Lord is doing through this ministry. We thank God for many gospel opportunities and many friendships that have been formed amongst the young people. It was very encouraging a few weeks ago to see two of the girls become Christians and put their trust in Jesus. Please pray that they will grow as disciples of Jesus.  

We keep meeting after our Sunday service to reflect more on the sermon and to pray together for one another. Last month, we started reading a book together and it was such a joy to read through John Piper’s Coronavirus and Christ, where we were all encouraged that for us who are in Christ we stand on Jesus the solid rock! Please pray that we will keep standing on Jesus, the solid rock, in these uncertain times we are living in.   

Looking ahead, we are planning to host a church conference on the Easter weekend. Please do pray for me as I prepare to teach and do expositions through the book of Colossians. In addition, I am helping to organise a holiday club for children in mid-April, during the school holidays. Pray that these events will be successful.  

At home, Ann and I are doing well. We are now in our fifth month of marriage and we keep enjoying growing together as disciples of Jesus. Please keep praying with us that we will keep growing together in love for the Lord and for one another.  

I would like to thank you for your partnership in the gospel. I am always grateful for your support. It is through your partnership that I am well supplied and I am able to keep doing gospel ministry here. It is always a joy for me to hear from you, so please do hit reply below and let me know how I can be praying with you. 

Many thanks again and may the Lord keep you standing on his promises.  

Fellow worker in Christ,  
Ken in Kenya!  

Prayer points

  • Thank God for 2021 and so many gospel opportunities we’ve had so far. Pray that we will make good use of every gospel opportunity.  
  • Praise God for the many children and young people we have here at GracePoint. Pray that we will continue to proclaim the gospel to them clearly and boldly as we ought to do.  
  • Thank God for the two girls who became Christians last month. Pray that many young people here will put their faith in Jesus and grow as followers of Jesus.  
  • Thank God for our marriage. Thank God for Ann’s ministry at iServe Africa and for my ministry here at GracePoint. Please pray that we will keep glorifying Christ in all we do.   

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