July 2019

“I said in my heart, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every matter and for every work.” Ecclesiastes 3:17

In the last week of college we were discussing Ecclesiastes and chapter 3 had a profound impact on the students. There is a time for everything under the sun – a time for birth and death, peace and war, to be single and for marriage, work and retirement, and for everything else. Within the same week, bringing home the reality of the frustration of life under the sun, this was expressed by the reality of death. One of the students went to bed and passed away. A female student was so shocked that she called her mum to inform her that she had lost the motivation to work or do anything since everything ultimately is summed up in death, so she intended to ‘just live and wait for death’. She was helped to find real meaning in living functionally, working hard in light of eternity!

Without distinction animals and humans share the same destiny - all die and return to dust. Yet God has put eternity in man’s heart. Paul in 1 Thessalonian 5 admonished the Thessalonians who, in waiting for the last day and the return of Jesus Christ, defaulted to apathetic idleness. He told them to work in hope. This lethargy is what Ecclesiastes sets out to correct. 

Family Updates                                                                               

Ezechi’s health took a nosedive between February and April. He lost 20kg in three months but, thankfully, God has restored him to health. Teaching went well in the midst of these health challenges - he had to slow down every other thing in order to conserve energy for study and teaching. The picture of Delight, Florence and Ezechi above shows that he has been pleasantly restored and is now taking on additional teaching.

Florence is fine and coping well with her work and nursing Ezechi to health. She recently attended a collaborative trauma counselling training, organised by Africa Services. Fulani herdsmen Islamist attacks in Northern Nigeria and especially in Southern Kaduna left behind scores of people traumatised by gruesome killings of family members, rape, loss of property and income, and various forms of injuries. She is excited by the outcome from those she has counselled in her spare time. Pray for her as she plans for a ‘healing group’ meeting in July for the traumatised

Delight - Despite writing her term exams while she was unwell, her results were incredibly good. She is making good progress in her guitar lessons, though she had a bit of setback when her teacher went away. We are sourcing another one. 

Abuja Bible College (ABC) News

Staff matters    
Paul is doing fine. He has taken on more teaching as his competence grows and he is doing well. Onesimus has integrated well and his passion and enthusiasm continue to excite the students. Pray for us all as we take on new and increased workloads with the commencement of the part-time weekend programme.

Part-time weekend programme
To God’s great glory, we have commenced a part-time weekend course with 25 students enrolled - the highest number we have had since inception. Pray for their continued learning and sustained enthusiasm.

Paul, Ezechi, Florence and Onesimus pose with the graduating students of 2018/2019

2018/2019 student graduation ceremony
Pastors, family and friends of the graduating students and some trustees gathered at the college hall for a well-attended and colourful seventh graduation ceremony.

Ten students graduated and received their certificates, out of the 12 who enrolled. One had dropped out lately and one died. They have all returned to their ministries to continue their work and a couple of them have begun the process of engagement in church placements. Please pray for them, that they would be successful and creditably serve the Lord Jesus. Please also pray for the family of the deceased brother.
Student recruitment
Through our fliers and brochures and through the website and word of mouth, we have received some enquiries and some applications. We have five confirmed qualified students and we hope for more to apply. A good number of the applicants are appealing for different levels of scholarship. Please pray that God would provide us with some funding that could cater for bursaries as we desire for more to come on.

Very sad losses 
Abuja Bible College has lost two people in the last two months. The first is Rev. Dr Olawole A. Ogunmola, who has been a member of Board of Trustees since 2012. The second is one of the students, Pastor Habila Bodam.

Rev. Dr. A. O. Ogunmola 
(20 Sept 1961 – 30 April 2019) died in a car accident. He is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA). He is survived by his wife and Children. He joined Abuja Bible College in 2012 and has been the most effective member of the Board till his death.    
Pastor Habila Bodam
(1972 – June 7, 2019) died of a heart attack. He was also of the ECWA Church and the CRS Supervisor of his Local Education Authority. He is survived by his wife and a young son. He enrolled in the ABC Course, but sadly died a week before his graduation.

Items for praise and prayer:

Thank you for praying and for giving to our ministry. 

  • Praise God for good health for all of us at ABC.
  • Praise God for his gracious provision of friends and resources.
  • Praise God for the commencement of the part-time weekend programme.
  • Praise God for the guest lecturers that come out to teach for us.
  • Praise God for a successful end of session and the graduation.
  • Pray that God will bring good students to study at ABC as we recruit for a new session.
  • Pray for God’s blessing over the part-time programme.
  • Pray for health, strength and energy to cope with the increased teaching working load.
  • Pray that Delight’s new Guitar teacher would be as fine as the previous one.