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There are an estimated 59 million Christians in Nigeria but few receive consistent and reliable bible teaching. Because scripture is often taken out of context and taught with little clarity, Christians in Nigeria are vulnerable to false teaching and in some areas receive a confused message that combines true Christianity with traditional African beliefs. Islam also continues to be a great threat to Christians in Nigeria.

Abuja Bible College (ABC) was established to train pastors to teach their congregations faithfully. It resources young evangelists who are passionate about God’s word but need help to proclaim the gospel accurately. The true gospel, taught clearly, will equip Nigerian Christians to hold firmly to Christ and hold out the gospel to those around them.

ABC is headed up by Ezechi Iwuagwu. Previously, Ezechi was a staff worker for the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES). Prior to this, Ezechi studied on the Proclamation Trust’s Cornhill Training Course in London for one year (2007/8). At ABC, Ezechi hopes to provide indigenous bible training programmes, drawing from the Cornhill Training Course model, to equip church leaders and lay preachers for a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry.

Ezechi is involved in:

  • Recruiting students for ABC
  • Teaching, modelling preaching and facilitating small group preaching classes
  • Networking with churches and other Cornhill alumni in the region to be relevantly involved in ABC.

In 2015, the college relocated to Kagoro.



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