Ephraim Habila

Ephraim is a BEST study partner at Abuja Bible College (ABC) in Nigeria.

Ephraim has been serving as a church pastor since 2002, having done some intitial Theological studies at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Kaduna (1999-2002 and 2014-2016) and at ECWA Theological Seminary (2017-2018). Though these studies have done a good job of improving Ephraim's theological awareness and bible knowledge, he has not had training in how to preach the Bible. Studying at ABC could therefore have a big impact for Ephraim, his ministry and his congregation. After Ephraim finishes the course, he will return to his parish church where he has been pastor for the past seven years. Ephraim writes, 'This course will help me preach different bible genres in the church and my community. It will help me expound biblical passages that will build up a church based on biblical principles. It will also help me preach the true word of God to others so as to win more souls for Christ.'


Ephraim is studying the Expository Preaching Course at Abuja Bible College from August 2018 to June 2019.


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