Elie Nimbona

Elie is studying at Bujumbura Christian University in Burundi.

Elie was brought up in a non-Christian farming family but, when he was 20, attended an outreach campaign led by St Andrew’s Cathedral in Muyinga. There he heard teaching about Jesus and that night Elie committed his life to Christ.

In 2017, Elie began volunteering as youth co-ordinator at St Andrew’s Cathedral. He writes, ‘The youth are the future of the church yet they are not involved in Christian ministry. I want to study theology in order to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable me to minister to the young people here and bring them into the church.'


Elie is studying for a BA in Theology from February 2020 – December 2022. He needs £1,800 per academic year to complete his studies.




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