Discipling the Next Generation

Rwanda is largely a Christian country, with churches located on most street corners. However, 90% of pastors in Rwanda have not received any theological training and the prosperity gospel is fast taking root.

Discipling the Next Generation (DNG) is a new initiative that seeks to raise up the next generation in Rwanda to understand the gospel and to live in light of it. Spearheaded by Rwandan Jean Ngirimana, DNG trains young adults how to teach the gospel faithfully to children and young people. As well as being equipped for studying and teaching the Bible, they are taught how to model faithful bible teaching and how to train up other children’s and youth workers. 

The project has six main activities:

  • A six-month apprenticeship programme, giving intensive training in children’s ministry.
  • A weekly kids’ bible club, providing practical experience in how to teach the Bible to kids.
  • An annual kids’ camp, again providing hands-on training in kids’ ministry.
  • Training events for Sunday school teachers across the country.
  • Weekend workshops for Sunday school teachers, focusing on bible handling skills and doctrine. 
  • The translation of Sunday school material into the mother tongue.

Please consider joining the partnership team for Discipling the Next Generation, praying with them and contributing to their funding needs.  



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