Dewi Mukumbo

Dewi is a BEST study partner at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) in Windhoek.

Dewi is from Zambia but currently lives in Namibia. Whilst he was at university, Dewi became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. He led the society whilst he was still as student and, after he graduated, joined the staff team. Dewi mentored the student leaders, co-ordinated discipleship groups and facilitated weekly evangelism on campus. In addition to this, Dewi has been very involved with Christian media. At university, he hosted the weekly Christian show and, at church, Dewi is involved with the media team and graphic design work. He also writes Christian songs and uses rap and hip hop as a way to evangelise to young people.

After his studies, Dewi hopes to carry on his work with Campus Crusades for Christ, as well as be involved in teaching/lecturing. He will also continue developing digital strategies to serve the spread of the gospel to the younger generation.

Dewi is studying a three-year Bachelor in Theology course. He needs £2,660 per academic year until the end of 2019.




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