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Soweto is part of Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city. It is made up of 29 townships and is home to 13,000 students.

Parts of Soweto rank among the poorest in Johannesburg. Many people live in informal housing and rates of unemployment, addiction and domestic abuse are high. There is a great need for more churches in Soweto that will hold out the good news of Jesus, bringing sound, bible-based teaching to the community. 

Christ Central Soweto launched in 2018 with a vision to become a hub from which many evangelical churches can be planted. It began with 20 adults and 10 children and now sees around 40–50 adults and 50–60 children each Sunday. It is a bible-centred church, focussed on teaching God’s word to a community acutely aware of the brokenness of God’s world. 

The church hopes to appoint staff workers for each of their areas of focus (children’s, students’ and pastoral ministries) but is unable to do this without external support. They need approximately £64,000 per year, of which £54,000 has been raised for 2020 and £35,000 per year thereafter. 



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