Cecilia Mumbi

Cecilia is a BEST study partner at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cecilia became a Christian as a child. Throughout school she was involved with outreach to her fellow-students, working alongside Scripture Union. She served as the Scripture Union chairperson for her district during her final year of school and, since finishing school, has volunteered for Scripture Union.
Whilst at university, Cecilia joined the Christian Fellowship, ZAFES (Zambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students). She served as Secretary General for one year and, after she graduated, worked as a staff-worker for ZAFES. Cecilia writes, 'In Zambia we have seen an increase in the number of false teachers – they have twisted the word of God and have taught false doctrines and heresy. I don’t want to be among those that lead people to self but I want to lead people to Christ. Being trained at GWC will enable me to be a more insightful and mature leader of children and young people. After I complete my studies I want to continue to work with Scripture Union and ZAFES as a fulltime staff-worker. I want to make an impact through a lifetime of missionary work.'


Cecilia is studying the three-year Bachelor in Theology course at George Whitefield College. She needs £2,200 per academic year until the end of 2020 to complete her studies.




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