Bongolomzi Mkiva

Bongo is a BEST study partner at George Whitefield College, South Africa

Bongo became a Christian when he was a teenager but admits that, before he left home for university, he was poorly taught and unsure of how to live for Christ. Bongo moved to Port Elizabeth in 2011 to attend university there and immediately got stuck in to St James’ Church. He began reading the Bible himself and was blown away by God speaking to him through his word. Bongo began as a ministry apprentice at St James’ in January 2016, specifically focussed on youth ministry – running a youth group and meeting up with young people one-to-one. Bongo desires to serve in ministry long-term and is convinced that theological training is essential to equip him for this.

Bongo comes from the Xhosa people and so is well placed to be a minister to them. He writes, ‘I am burdened that in this day and age I have never seen a Xhosa study bible – or even a Xhosa bible with footnotes! I am equally grieved by the prevalence of syncretism (combing of Traditional African Religions with Christianity) and I have noticed that this is worse in rural South Africa. I would like to be involved in projects that ensure that you do not have to know English to benefit from good biblical resources, as well as be involved in local church ministry. For this work, theological training is absolutely necessary.'

Bongo started the three-year Bachelor of Theology course at George Whitefield College in January 2017. Bongo needs £1,545 per academic year until the end of November 2019 to complete his studies.




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