For us it is a great story

Gerald Mwangi

Eric was in the first cohort of TransformD – the Kenyan gap year programme that we set up in 2017. Before this, iServe Africa ran ministry apprenticeships and training for graduates but had nothing for school leavers. Our aim from the get go was to ground young people in the gospel before they reach university, enabling them to stand firm to Christ and proclaim his name on campuses across Kenya. Four years on, Eric has now graduated from university and is the first of our gap year students to return to iServe as a ministry apprentice. For us it is a great story.

Eric tells his story:

I am a graduate of the University of Nairobi, where I studied analytical chemistry. Before this, I attended the TransformD discipleship programme. 

For me, the TransformD programme was a significant experience that had a profound impact on my life. During the programme, the gospel of Jesus was taught to us from the Bible. The gospel of his life, suffering, death and resurrection for the salvation of all repentant sinners who by God’s grace would believe in him. This gospel and how it then affects our lives was taught to us simply and clearly. 

The gospel was taught to us primarily in word. But also it was taught to us in deed. Our mentors, though fallen, lived lives that accorded with the gospel they taught us. Though sinners, they became the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering grace and love to us and those around them. That experience has since changed everything about me. It changed how I view myself, those around me, the world and life in general. It changed what I view as the greatest problem in the world – sin. I learned that the only true cure for the world is the gospel. I learned that the gospel is the power of God that brings salvation to all who believe and also that, for believers, it is the motivation for spiritual transformation into Christlikeness. 

My interactions with the brothers and sisters at iServe Africa didn’t end when I left TransformD. Throughout my time at uni, they continued to extend a hand of concern and care to me. iServe offered me opportunities through which I grew in my bible handling skills and, during school breaks, I helped lead bible studies and teaching at TransformD. As a result of my interactions with iServe, and as I have continued to see the need for faithful bible teaching in Kenya, I have felt convicted to pursue bible teaching for the rest of my life. I applied to be an apprentice at iServe, so that I could be further equipped in faithful bible handling. Please pray for me as I begin this journey. Pray that God would use this for my good and for the good of his people around me. Also pray that God would continue granting more opportunities for training.

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Gerald and Louise Mwangi

Gerald and Louise are mission partners in Kenya. They lead a gap year programme that aims to deepen young people's faith and knowledge of the Bible alongside teaching them life-skills, farming and team work.