Training for children's ministry

Irene Apio

Irene is children’s worker at All Saint’s Cathedral in Kampala, Uganda. She shares:

When I applied to Crosslinks for a bursary to study at JBC, one of my main purposes was to be sure that I write lessons that are faithful to scripture – both for children at All Saint’s Cathedral and for the other churches that we share resources with. 

Since February last year, we have adjusted our approach to the children's lessons. We now teach the main idea of the text as opposed to teaching secondary ideas or moralistic lessons. This is completely new to our teachers and they are still getting used to it. I write all the children's curriculum and meet with teachers once a month to go through the lessons before they are taught. We look at the theme and aim of the passage and, at the end of the day, the children are receiving more faithful teaching.

I have also started a mini training with the core office team I work with, with the intent of passing on some of the skills I acquired at JBC. When I returned to Kampala after finishing at JBC, I dreamed of an opportunity to pass on what I had learnt - it's finally happening! So far I am working with five people and it's both exciting and intimidating. The group already wants to open it up to other people too and it is something we are looking to intentionally pursue this year, with God's help. The plan and hope is to open it up to our volunteer teachers, about 40 people or so - and then to all the Sunday school teachers in the Kampala diocese. That would be exciting!

Irene with the All Saint's Cathedral office team, teaching the Grasping God's Word course.

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