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Steve Rockwell

Every year Crosslinks bursaries help several men and women to study at George Whitefield College (GWC), South Africa. Faculty member Steve Rockwell tells us about two students from Ghana: 

When I first met Augustine in January 2015, the temperature was mid to high 20’s here in Cape Town, but he still had a big jacket on! He got into his studies quickly and began to shine as a hardworking student.

Augustine writes, ‘My passion is to be able to serve the Lord in the area of discipleship. Having seen the benefits of proper discipleship in my own life, I have a heavy burden to disciple other young people. This will help guarantee a better future for the Church in Ghana, in the midst of the many success-driven preachers.’ 

As I got to know Augustine better he told me about Mensah, the man who had discipled him in Accra. At the end of his first year of study, Augustine went back to Ghana for Christmas. He told me how he had loved being able to catch up with Mensah and tell him about the things he was learning. ‘You must study at GWC too!’ was Augustine’s message to his mentor.  

So what a great joy it was in 2017 when I finally met Mensah, who was now also enrolled at GWC. He is an absolute delight to have in class: he is highly gifted, gracious, humble, godly and intelligent. He’s the only person to have received 100% in his first year Greek exam since I’ve been at the college! 

Mensah shares, ‘I want to study theology because I want do ministry and do it well. I plan to pioneer a new phase of RELITE’s ministry in Ghana. RELITE trains university students in expository preaching, discipleship and bible-handling skills. We are planning on opening a new centre in Kumasi, which is the second major city in Ghana.’ 

We are extremely grateful for both Augustine and Mensah's presence at the college and for Crosslinks making their studies possible. I have great hopes for the ways in which God can use both these men for his kingdom in Ghana.  

To hear more from Augustine and Mensah, watch this video.

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