Julius goes to bible college

‘My passion is to teach others the word of God, so that the Kingdom of God on Earth can grow.’

These are the words of Julius Ndeni. Since 1997 he’s been working in church ministry full-time. Until recently, Julius had never been to Theological college but, undeterred, continued to preach the word of God to his congregations. In the UK and Ireland, to be in Julius’ position without a Theological degree is almost completely unheard of. But Julius had no choice: finances were low and there was no-one to fill his place in the parish. At times, Julius balanced parish duties with teaching in a secondary school in order to earn enough to feed his family.

Julius longed to be better equipped: ‘I’d like to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the word of God, so that I can work effectively in my ministry. I’d like training to help me face the challenge of false teaching within the Church in Africa.’

So, with the help of a Crosslinks bursary, Julius was able to begin Theological studies. He graduated with a BA in Theology from St John’s University of Tanzania in November 2018.

He writes, ‘I have gained much in my studies that will be very helpful to my work and ministry. I realise that sometimes we preachers misinterpret the Scriptures because of poor interpretation skills. However, at St John’s I have gained these skills and hope that through this knowledge I will be able to interpret the Scriptures accordingly and so teach the truth of the word of God to the Church.

‘I would love it if there could be an increase in the number of study partners like me, especially in Africa and Asia. In these continents there is the high need of church ministers who need to be trained.’

There are millions of others like Julius. 50 of them are currently receiving bursaries through Crosslinks, to begin to plug the gaps in untrained church leaders. We’d love to do more, but finances are the limiting factor. Could you or your church send another Julius to bible college, for a as little as a few hundred pounds per year? Contact us today.

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