A mission to northern Kenya

TransformD is a gap year scheme in Kenya that disciples young Christians and seeks to see them grow in their passion for Christ. In April, the team members went on a month-long mission trip to Samburu in the rural north of Kenya. Here’s what they got up to:

They ran kid’s holiday clubs, full of games, activities and bible stories.

Team members gave bible talks, while those who knew the local language translated.

Vivian, who is a TransformD team member from Samburu, did much of the up-front translation work. The local culture is fairly oppressive to women and so the local people were amazed to see Vivian keeping order and speaking so confidently to such a large group. Vivian spoke about how, as a child, she had always sat at the back of Christian meetings, not at all interested in the teaching. Now, having spent four months with TransformD, she fully believes the message and always wants to be sat on the front row. 

The TransformD team also ran youth camps. For these young people, the teachings of the Bible are hugely counter-cultural. Becoming a Christian is frequently met by strong opposition from family members.

Towards the end of the mission trip, the young people went and lived in some of the Samburu villages. They spent time living alongside the local people and sharing the gospel with them one on one.

Find out more about TransformD by reading Gerald and Louise Mwangi's prayer letters.

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