Why spend four years at bible college?

Grace, how were you called to ministry?  “Ministry is a passion that I have always felt in my heart since my childhood. Even when I was doing a degree in business, I felt that if I ever got a job I would give back to the Lord by supporting the Church or ministry through my profession. I was born into a family of clergymen and seeing my dad serve the Lord just increased my passion for being in ministry.”

What are your future plans?  “I hope to be in full-time church ministry. The opportunity I have been given of doing postgraduate studies at George Whitefield College also makes me a potential candidate for lecturing. So, I plan to work for a local church in Mityana as well as lecture at a small theological college there.”

In your personal context why is ordination important? “It engenders trust among people and brings many opportunities for preaching the Gospel. In the Ugandan context, authenticity is a vital element for someone to get an audience. Being ordained in the Anglican Church of Uganda will continue to open doors for me to preach the gospel in different places.”

Why are you studying an Honours Degree in Theology at George Whitefield College? “I want to grow more in the knowledge and love of God, to become a better preacher of God’s word and gain skills that will enable me to train other pastors in my diocese. As GWC is based in Africa, its focus is on training ministers to preach the gospel in Africa.”

Who did you train in Uganda in January 2018? “I trained a group of ordained pastors, lay preachers and some secondary school students in Central Buganda Diocese which is affiliated to the Anglican Church of Uganda. It was a one week workshop where we went through the 'Explore the Bible' module (part of the George Whitefield College 'Explore' correspondence course).”

Why is the 'Explore' course needed in Uganda and what role does correspondence learning play? “It gives lay people, who sit in the pews, the opportunity to be able to interpret scripture for themselves. The false prophetic and charismatic movements have swayed people from the truth and this is because many people do not have the skills to individually handle God’s Word. I believe that Explore is the best tool I have seen so far which can help in that regard.”

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