GracePoint Kikuyu

Katherine Stephenson

In Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, there are churches at every turn. Despite this, the city is a desert to sound doctrine. A large proportion of people will profess faith in Christ but there remains an enormous number who are unreached by his message.

One of the biggest joys of my visit to Kenya in March was seeing Matthew’s Gospel translated into one of Kenya’s tribal languages for the very first time. These people now have a portion of God’s word in their heart-language – just 2,000 years after it was written! However, language is not the only barrier to God’s word – in Nairobi most people can speak English. But for the word of God to get to the corners of Kenya… surely this has to start with the church?

Harrison Mungai (Director of Crosslinks Project iServe Africa) has chosen to start a new church family in Nairobi. The church is built on the convictions that God’s word is what changes people and that teaching the truth will lead to godliness. GracePoint Church, Kikuyu, was a joyful place to visit – I had the privilege of going on their second ever Sunday gathering. This fledgling church is an anomaly in the Kenyan church scene, where there are many established, hierarchical organisations which depend on denominational structures. GracePoint bucks the trend as an independent church that is entirely dependent on the Lord for its foundation and growth. The leaders want Christ’s glory more than their own. Their hope is that this church will be built up and stand out in the community. It is a wonderful, living, breathing demonstration that African churches can serve and preach Christ faithfully.

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