Unshakable bible teaching

Katherine Stephenson

In Kenya, the red earth clings to everything: shoes and clothes are constantly discoloured and feet washing seems fruitless. The dust is unshakable! But the gospel workers at iServe Africa are striving to make one thing in Kenya even more unshakable than the dust: faithful bible teaching.

Though 80% of Kenyans go to church, false teaching and misunderstanding are widespread. iServe Africa long to see this replaced with ‘unshakable’ bible teaching nationwide. To this end, they run ministry apprenticeships for university graduates. Apprentices are placed in churches and community projects throughout Kenya to learn practically how to be Christ-like servant leaders. Alongside this, apprentices are trained in how to read and understand God’s word for themselves. Jesus’ words in Luke 6 capture what iServe Africa are intending to instil in Kenya’s young people: ‘Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them … is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock.’

Harrison Mungai with the plans for the new building

As well as ‘building up’ Christians on the foundation of God’s word, iServe Africa have recently embarked on another building project. When I visited Kenya in March, I saw the first stages of this build. The excitement on iServe Director Harrison Mungai’s face when building permission was granted was indescribable. It showed me what value and potential this project has for kingdom work in Kenya.

The new building being constructed

Having outgrown their rented house-converted-to-offices, the new building will provide a long-term home for iServe Africa. From this base, they will be able to train bible teachers, disciple apprentices and inspire men and women to gospel ministry.

The TransformD team members enjoying bible teaching in the old premises

As well as training apprentices, iServe Africa has begun a school leavers’ programme: TransformD. I witnessed the first batch of young people digging into the scriptures, laying foundations of truth for their adult lives. Crosslinks Mission Partners Gerald and Louise Mwangi run TransformD and have been encouraged by the growing maturity of this group of 18 year olds. The cross-cultural richness of the programme was a welcome surprise: three English gap year students and three Kenyans from the far north of the country joined seven Nairobi-born participants. This in itself was testimony to how God’s word is effective for all peoples. The prospect of a new home for the programme when the building is complete will allow for even more participants in the future.

For the first time I really ‘got it’ how a simple construction project could have a real impact on a nation. By raising up those who want God’s word to be taken seriously, the true sweetness of the Scriptures might penetrate Kenya and even further afield in Africa.

To get involved with this work and give towards the new iServe Africa building, click here.

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