"It was amazing to see their humility..."

Andy’s role here is overseeing ‘programmes’ – that is mainly the ministry apprenticeship programme, but also the new six-month gap year programme and the Utumishi Course (Kiswahili for ‘ministry’).

The Utumishi Course is designed to equip grassroots pastors for gospel ministry. Last month a few of us went to Mutomo for a pastors training. Mutomo is quite deep in the dusty interior of Eastern Kenya. Google Maps said it was five hours from Nairobi but Google Maps didn’t know about the many heavy trucks heading to and from Mombasa or about the 70 km of rough road to the final destination. Anyway, we made it, thank God, and we spent four days with 25 church workers from across the county. Fidel, James Wainaina (Crosslinks BEST study partner) and Daniel Odhiambo (Crosslinks Project Partner) did a great job training (in Kiswahili). It was amazing to see the great humility of these rural pastors - acknowledging their need to learn and willing and eager to sit and be taught by younger men and staying late to work together in groups on a preaching passage. These guys are struggling to pastor churches in situations of extreme poverty in a largely forgotten part of Kenya. Pray for their own souls, their marriages and their congregations to grow and flourish even in very dry ground.

Written by Andy Harker

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