Study Partner Diary

The month of December was a great one for me because I got to spend time with my family in my home village. This also gave me lots of opportunity for spreading the gospel, especially among my extended family. Under God’s provision and the kindness of some of our church members, I was able to buy equipment so I could show the Jesus Film. I showed it twice in my village and once in another village. No one has responded to the message yet, but it is my hope and prayer that a seed was planted.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Otjiwarongo with the young adults from church. On the Saturday morning some of the group went out for outreach, whilst I stayed behind to finalise my sermon for that evening. We then held an evening service and I preached from Ephesians 2:1-5. I am very glad for the way God used me as the response was just amazing - everyone started to sing when I finished the sermon, implying that God was at work.

Please do continue to pray for me:

  • For my spiritual growth – that I would love God more and desire him more 
  • That I would use my time wisely and have spiritual discipline 
  • For me and my family as we seek to grow in understanding God together during our devotions every Monday 
  • For my academics – that I would learn and grow as I study and that I would get good grades by studying hard 
  • For the youth ministry at church  
  • For me as I lead a group that trains younger members of the church to disciple others. Pray that God would equip us and use us 
  • That I would get more practical ministry opportunities 

Uaundja Karamata is studying for Bachelor of Theology at Namibian Evangelical Theological Seminary. When he finishes his course in 2017, he hopes to resume his position as youth worker at his church, as well as taking on additional responsibilities in bible teaching and leading evangelistic events.

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