85 years of witness

I was thrilled to recently find out that Crosslinks, was the first ever mission society to work in Marsabit, Kenya.

It was not easy then, just as it is not easy today. Though, much has changed since 17 January 1931, when Alfred Buxton, Eric Webster and Charles Scudder arrived in Marsabit. The long distances to travel, the harsh weather conditions and the very slow progress that they encountered are still challenges we face today. It’s encouraging to note BCMS/Crosslinks’ commitment to making sure evangelism and gospel proclamation were primary in its missionary work then, and that this has preserved till now. Praise the Lord!!

Though BCMS’s initial work in Marsabit ended in the 1950s, BCMS/Crosslinks, under God, can be credited for the formation of the first Christian community in this region - a community that I now serve with. In God’s providence, the first bishop of Marsabit, Rt. Rev. Robert Martin, was a Crosslinks Mission Partner. Bishop Rob retired on 1 May after eight years of very fruitful ministry. I have admired his selflessness, great love for the people of Marsabit, and his outstanding administrative ability. I hope I’ll have as great a working relationship with the new bishop as I’ve had with Rob.

Eric Webster, one of the three BCMS pioneer missionaries to Marsabit, observed in the 1940s that, ‘the church has been largely built by school evangelism.’ This is just as true now as it was 80 years ago: the most effective evangelism is done through schools. School ministry remains key among my priorities and I hope to be able to go into schools more often. I am putting together a school ministry team that will help with this outreach to young people. There are a few passionate people already interested.  Please pray for fruitfulness with this ministry and for the formation of a school ministry team.

Written by Daniel Odhiambo

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