Bizuwerk Chbisa

Bizuwerk is a BEST study partner at Nekemte Christian Education College.

Bizuwerk has been a Christian since childhood and served in his local church from a young age. As a child, Bizuwerk sang in the church choir and, more recently,  has preached, lead prayers and taken part in mission work.
Bizuwerk writes, 'I have seen God working in my life. He has enabled me to share my faith with non-believers and, through this, I have seen people become Christians. God has called me to serve him throughout my life and so I have decided to give my full time and life to the service of the Church. On the completion of my training I want to go to one of the outreach areas where my current church is sending people to evangelise unbelievers and nurture Christians. I am taking these studies so that I can be equipped with theological knowledge in order to give mature theological lessons to the people I am going to serve.'


Bizuwerk is studying for a Bachelor in Theology from September 2016 – June 2020. He needs £725 per academic year until 2020 to complete his studies.




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