January 2019

Let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ coming to earth to save sinners like you and me.

Youth group girls at the Carol Service

There has been a lot going on over the past few months. As soon as I got back from the UK, it was straight back into the term with our African-themed carol services and our annul youth camp Crossword which happened as soon as the schools ended. I'm still on a high from camp - it was super amazing and I loved every minute of it! We spent the whole weekend looking at passages in Matthew 7 such as the wide gate and the narrow gate, and the houses built on the rock and the sand etc. I was serving eight teenage girls who were in my dorm and the Lord was clearly working in the lives of the teenagers. They really took time to consider their relationship with Jesus and one girl in my dorm committed her life to Christ, which is amazing! Let’s praise God for her and pray that God would continue to grow and mature her.


I then had a bit of time off over Christmas and New Year which was lovely and relaxing. I spent time with friends who stayed here in Johannesburg. Christmas Day was spent with a family from church – eating together, enjoying fellowship and playing games. 

Also just before Christmas, Sithembiso asked me to marry him! I’m thrilled. As many will know, we met when I was in KwaZulu-Natal back in 2013 and we have been dating for the last four years. He is studying to become a doctor at Witswatersrand University in Johannesburg. He is also part of Hope Church where we are both heavily involved in the youth and children's work, which we love doing together. We hope to get married in the UK back at my home church St Leonards, Exeter at the beginning of December 2019.

Sithembiso and me

There were great opportunities over the festive season and there was one that I particularly enjoyed. A foundation school called Momosa used our church building for an end-of-year celebration event. I was able to help out on the day and get to know the teachers and parents. It was a great time to speak about what happens at church in the week, share about the upcoming Christmas services and make connections with families. God really used that event - the following week, we had two new families from the school come along to our Tea and Tots Christmas social where they clearly heard the gospel. Please do pray on for more opportunities here. 

Praise and prayer:

  • Praise God for Crossword youth camp, for God working in the hearts of the youth! Do continue to pray for those who were on the camp, that the Christians would stick with Jesus and grow in him, and that those who aren't yet Christians would choose Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour.
  • Praise God for a good restful holiday with church family and for the new people who came to church over the Christmas season. Pray that they would come back and that the Lord would draw them to himself.
  • Praise God for our engagement! Please pray that we would both grow in wisdom, love and godliness as we point one another to Christ.
  • Praise God for opportunities at Momosa school and please pray for more gospel opportunities.