Benjamin Kibara Wathituni

Benjamin is a BEST study partner at Africa International University in Nairobi.

Since 2014, Benjamin has worked in the Diocese of Butere, co-ordinating the training of church leaders. There are 100 ordained ministers and 500 lay readers in Butere and Benjamin's role has been equipping them with bible teaching skills and training them for local church ministry. One of the ways Benjamin has done this has been through the BUILD training scheme.

The BUILD course has been designed for church leaders who cannot afford the time or money to go to bible college. A number of other dioceses in the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) have now also benefited from BUILD. As a result the course has been recognised as one of the Church’s official training programmes and the demand is growing. Benjamin has been encouraged to lead the development of this work within the ACK.

To help him in this, Benjamin is studying for a MA in Organisational Leadership. The course has a Christian basis and is designed to equip students for leadership in churches and para-church organisations. Benjamin writes, ‘I look forward to acquiring more skills in mission, governance, leadership and management from a biblical point of view. This will help me in establishing and sustaining BUILD in Kenya more effectively.’


Benjamin is studying the two-year MA in Organisational Leadership course. He needs £2,657 per academic year until July 2022.




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