Benjamin Ishaya

Benjamin is a BEST study partner at Abuja Bible College in Nigeria.

Benjamin became a Christian whilst in his first year at university. He then used his remaining time at university to get fully involved with the work of the Christian Union, taking on various leading and teaching roles. After he graduated with a degree in Education, Benjamin enrolled at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (ETSK) with the hope of working full-time in Christian ministry. Whilst at ETSK Benjamin has headed up the college's missions team, where he has organised various open-air evangelistic evets, trained other students for evangelism and participated in personal evangelism around Kagoro. He has been stdying the Expository Preaching module as part of his degree but as this is only three hours of tutoring per week, his lecturer Rick Creighton has recommended Benjamin for further preaching training. Rick writes, 'Benjamin has been one of the most able students, demonstrating good progress in grasping the principles of expository preaching. I believe he would benefit significantly from the opportunity to study at ABC for a year - it will help him develop from a competent preacher into a great preacher.' Benjamin writes, 'After I finish this course I want to be involved in evangelistic work and preaching God's word in Kagoro and beyond.'


Benjamin is studying the Expository Preaching Course at Abuja Bible College from August 2018 to June 2019.


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