Ben Williamson

Ben worked at Christ Church Hillbrow (CCH) and Johannesburg Bible College (JBC), before returning to the UK in November 2020.


CCH is a young congregation in Hillbrow, inner-city Johannesburg. Hillbrow is a needy area but in easy reach of a student community and the business centre. Christ Church has the potential to be a light in all these areas, proclaiming the gospel so that people can come to know and love the Lord Jesus.

Ben was minister-in-charge of CCH from 2014 – 2018 but stepped down at the end of 2018 in order to take up a teaching post at JBC and enable a faithful African to pastor the church. Godfrey Penduka, who was curate at CCH since 2016, has taken on the role of minister-in-charge, whilst Ben remained on the staff part-time as associate minister.



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