Avord Ferdinand

Avord is a BEST study partner at Munguishi Bible College in Arusha.

Avord is from Mwanza in northern Tanzania, where he served in a semi-rural parish church. Though at this point Avord was committed to God, he did not have a true understanding of God’s grace and its power to save through faith. He moved to Arusha to study the one-year Evangelist course at Munguishi Bible College and it was here that he came to a full knowledge of Jesus’ work on the cross and he subsequently turned to Christ as his saviour. The aptitude and competency he displayed whilst training at Munguishi recommended Avord to continue his studies there.

Mike Taylor, Principle of Munguishi, writes, 'Avord's integrity and humility, matched with his intelligence, honesty, gentleness and thoughtfulness means Munguishi highly recommends him for ministry, anticipating his growth and how God will use him. Avord has experience of leading a parish church and has demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to live a godly life before God.'

When Avord completes his training, he will return to church ministry in his home diocese of Victoria Nyanza, possibly planting a new church in a rural location.


Avord began studying for a Hati (Certificate in Theology in Swahili) at Munguishi Bible College in August 2015. He needs £775 per academic year until the end of June 2019 to complete his studies.


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