August 2019

‘Have you got a date yet?’ This was the question asked on a daily basis as we bumped into people we know around our home town and at work. ‘No,’ we replied, ‘We’re just waiting for…’

Over the last few months we’ve been visiting churches who are now partnering with us in prayer and giving, filling out lots of bits of paper, planning what to take and what to leave as well as carrying on with the normal stuff of life. We’ve been living in that in between time of going, but not yet gone! We wanted to share two signs of God’s grace we have experienced over the last few months.

1. Seeing God’s goodness

Time and time again we have been amazed by the goodness of God during our preparations for going to Zambia to work at PIZ. Our home church (Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham) is going through Acts and it’s easy to see God doing things in it: prison rescues, massive numbers trusting Jesus, visions and dreams, incredible faith in response to suffering and much more.

Now, we haven’t experienced those exact things, but we have experienced God’s goodness to us in other ways. We’ve seen incredible financial generosity and prayerful commitment from those churches and individuals partnering with us; we’ve had prayers answered about a house being built in Zambia which will be ready for us to move into and for our work permit. We’ve been so encouraged to visit our six supporting churches and hear the Bible preached faithfully and God’s people eager to hear and respond in faith, prayer and worship; we’ve been amazed at the genuine interest of people in what we’re going to do. Thank God with us for his goodness to us.

2. A lesson of living in the ‘in between’

One thing living in between has taught us is that we are not in control of things and so it’s right to trust the One who is. Particularly in the West we are control freaks who like to think we’ve got every eventuality covered, whether that be a fire in the house, a crash in the car, money for old age or provision for others when we die. But the reality is we have a lot less control of our lives than we think and for us the situations with financial support, waiting for the work visa and other things just highlight that point. Worry is a normal response when things are out of our hands but Jesus says worrying is pointless – who by worrying can add a single day to their life?

So pray with us and for us as we go to keep trusting the One who is actually in control and knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to develop the fruit of the Spirit, particularly peace and patience!

Thank you for your interest, prayers and support and for reading this far! Please get in contact if you’d like more information. It’s worth saying that as well as these bigger prayer letters we do also send out shorter updates every month or so and plan to continue that. If you’d like to get those, please email us on and we’ll add you to that list.

In Jesus,

Andy, Rachel, Haydn and Daniel Symons

Prayer points

  • Thank God with us for his goodness in financial and prayer provision and opening up doors for going to Zambia.
  • Please ask for God’s provision of the right car for when we are in Zambia.
  • Ask God to give us patience and peace as we all undergo major changes in life moving to a new place, new culture, new church, new school and new routine.

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