September 2021

‘To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.’ 1 Samuel 15:22b

We are thankful for safe travel from the UK up to Goli. A few weeks after we arrived, Uganda went into lockdown. The number of COVID cases had been rising sharply and the president acted quickly to prevent the situation from getting out of control. Since then, the number of cases has fallen and private transport has been allowed to move within the country since the beginning of August. We are happy that we came to Uganda when we did, otherwise we would be sending this letter from the UK.

Nebbi Diocese

The diocese now has a chancellor so the names of two candidates for the new bishop have been sent to the House of Bishops. We are hoping that we will have a new bishop by the end of the year.

Because of lockdown, theological colleges in Uganda have been trying to teach students remotely.  Nebbi Diocese has three students studying for a degree in theology at a branch of Uganda Christian University in Arua. They asked Andrew to teach them extra classes so over the last few months he has taught Old Testament, New Testament Introduction and Church History to the three students. They hope to continue this teaching until physical classes can resume.

Preacher’s Training Course (PTC)

Andrew has not been able to visit the refugee camps because of lockdown. Now that lockdown has been relaxed he might be able to visit but, as large meetings are still banned, he has no idea when teaching may resume. He continues to work on his teaching notes for the book of Romans.

Christian resource centre

Over the last few weeks the office has been getting a much needed facelift. Window and door frames were changed from wood to iron (which is necessary to stop termites eating them!), the whole building was painted and some necessary repairs have been made. We thank God that even during lockdown the office continues to be busy enough so that we have been able to pay salaries.

Health centre

Eunice found many changes at the health centre when she returned to Goli, including two new doctors (Dr Emmanuel and Dr Bruno). A lack of patients over the last 15 months (because of COVID) has meant that staff could not receive full salaries. The new doctors have therefore been very busy trying to increase the health centre’s income. The doctors are also planning to start a nutrition unit. Goli does not currently have a nutrition unit and so any malnourished children have to be transferred to other hospitals. They are currently writing a proposal that they hope to send to potential donors. The diocese has also appointed Rev Donas to be the chaplain for Goli Health Centre.

Library project

As Andrew has been teaching in the refugee camps, he has heard many stories of bible colleges in South Sudan being destroyed. Now that there is relative peace, some of these colleges are trying to reopen. Since they have no books for their libraries, some are connecting with Andrew and Rev Kim to ask for help. We have decided to set up a library project to help supply good theological books for these colleges. The project is aimed at (but will not be exclusively for) bible colleges in South Sudan. We already have some books which we can use however we are hoping to order more from the UK. If you would like to help, please donate here or send your donation to Crosslinks (address here) making it clear that it is for the library project. We already have requests from two colleges.


During the summer Joy has been working part-time as a volunteer in a charity shop. This month she started a level 2 course in childcare. Pray that she will enjoy it and make some friends in her class.


Andrew visited our house in Yumbe last month. He met with Rev Titus (who has been helping with the building) and made some tentative arrangements to restart work on the house next month. Pray that this can happen. He was also able to deliver 5,000 copies of John’s Gospel in Aringa to ‘Here is Life’ – an organisation that is involved in Muslim evangelism (around 80% of Aringa are Muslim).

Personal reflections

It has been good to be back in Goli and we have enjoyed catching up with friends. We thank God that we received our second dose of the COVID vaccine in June. We also thank God that Andrew received 10 boxes of books (nursing, midwifery and theological) which he had sent from the UK. 

We have been sending prayer updates to a number of people every month on WhatsApp. If you would like to receive these updates please send us your mobile phone number with country code.

Thanks for your prayers and support, Andrew, Eunice and Joy Moody

Praise points

  • That we have been able to renew our work permits and Andrew has renewed his driving license.
  • That we have received the books that Andrew sent from UK.
  • That Joy is doing well in UK.

Prayer points

  • That we will be able to finish the work on our house in Yumbe soon.
  • That Nebbi Diocese will soon have a new bishop and that God will help him as he brings a new leadership team together.
  • That we will know God’s guidance as we seek to start new ministries in Yumbe.
  • That there will be real lasting peace in South Sudan.

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