September 2019

‘Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of the God.’ Col. 3:1

We are thankful that our area has had enough rain this year. People are very busy planting crops. Time goes so fast; we cannot believe it is already September! God is faithful.

Preacher’s Training Course (PTC)

Andrew has just returned from a week of teaching in Nyumanzi refugee camp (pictured above). He taught on the cults, while Rev Kim taught on John’s Gospel. We are thankful for good attendance and for students who are hungry to learn more from God’s word. We hope to return in November.

We are looking at the possibility of teaching in Nimule (South Sudan) in November. The situation there has been calm for some time. Please pray for wisdom to know if this is the right time to teach there and for help with all the practicalities of teaching in a neighbouring country if it is.

Transport issues

We are still waiting for the ambulance. We were promised that it would come in June but it didn’t. This issue has now gone to court. Please pray that we will get the ambulance or at least a refund of the money.

Bidi Bidi/Yumbe

Andrew was able to teach 1 Thessalonians in May and 2 Thessalonians in June. We had good attendance and our new students seemed to enjoy the teaching. Andrew is very happy that he has found three people to translate his teaching material into the Bari language. Bible Doctrine has already been translated and others are almost finished. This means that he hopes to teach in Bidi Bidi in October with Rev Kim.

We visited Revival Ministries in July and found out that they had printed the Gospel of John in Aringa; it has already arrived in Kampala. Please pray that we can take it to Yumbe soon. They have also agreed to print 5,000 copies of the Alur hymn book at a reasonable price and then ship them out free of charge. They have also agreed to send out other books that Andrew has ordered in UK free of charge. We thank God for this great blessing!

Andrew visited Yumbe earlier this month. He has arranged for the site to be cleared and will return at the beginning of October to mark out the foundations and meet with builders. We are thankful that we have some money so that we can begin to build; now we need wisdom on how the building work should be done.

Health Centre

Nebbi Diocese has a plan to build a 40-bed children’s ward in Padwot Health Centre. This is because over 70% of admissions are children, yet they do not have a children’s ward at present. At the moment children who are admitted have to sleep on the floor. We applied to the Japanese embassy for money to build this ward. The initial proposal was approved and we had an interview earlier this month. We will hear next month if we are successful or not. Please pray that our proposal will succeed.

At the moment there is not much public healthcare provision in the diocese outside our five health units. We have health teams in each parish; so, we need to employ a co-ordinator to help them work more effectively. Please pray that we can find someone suitable for this position.

Dr Hwang will come 21-25 October to run a surgical camp in Yumbe. The gynaecologist has had an accident and still has back problems. Please pray that she will be able to come as well.

Eunice with the team from her church at a local primary school.

Personal reflections

We had a good time with a team of nine young people who came from Eunice’s home church for two weeks. They were happy to do what we had planned for them. They seemed to get a good idea of what being a missionary involves and hope to have more teams come out in the future. They brought us six laptops, some of which we will use to translate Andrew’s teaching material.

After the team left, we went to UK with Joy during her summer holidays. Joy’s granny was very happy to have some time with Joy, and us, since she only sees her every two years. We also had time with the rest of our family there and enjoyed catching up with a number of our friends.

Andrew plans to return to UK in January for deputation; he is already booked to visit two of our supporting churches and is happy to speak at others. Please connect with us if you would like to hear about what God is doing through us. Please pray for safe travel and positive meetings.

Andrew, Eunice & Joy Moody

Praise points

  • That we have found suitable translators.
  • We had a good rest in UK.
  • That the Korean team had a positive ministry during their visit.

Prayer points

  • That there would be real lasting peace in South Sudan.
  • That the situation with the ambulance will be resolved soon.
  • Pray that we will be able to build our house by the end of the year.
  • That the proposal to build a children’s ward in Padwot would succeed.

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