October 2020

‘Be still and know that I am God’ Psalm 46:10a

We had flights booked to return to UK at the end of June but they were cancelled due to COVID-19. Even though the airport was officially closed, there were still some flights flying out of Entebbe – mostly organised by various government embassies so that their citizens could get home. We are thankful that, in early July, we were able to get seats on one of these flights. On arrival in Belfast we had to self-isolate for two weeks. Fortunately, a member of our church was able to lend us a house to do this. Now we are staying with Andrew’s mother and we hope to stay with her until we are able to return to Uganda.

The coronavirus situation in Uganda is now worsening. There are almost 200 new cases every day.  While this does not seem serious, Uganda is not testing nearly as many people as the UK are. This suggests that there are probably many more unreported cases. They plan to reopen the airport and borders next month. Please pray that the number of cases and deaths will not increase dramatically when this happens.

Preacher’s Training Course (PTC)

Since parts of Uganda are still in lockdown, even if we were able to return Andrew would not be allowed to visit the refugee camps. However, Andrew has been keeping himself busy by preparing lectures. He has already finished the Gospel of Mark and is now working on Romans. Please pray for wisdom as he prepares these notes.

Bidi Bidi/Yumbe

We thank God that all the major building work was completed on our house before we came to the UK. This means that we have been able to lock up the house and keep it secure while we are here.  What remains to be done is plastering inside and out, painting, wiring the house for electricity and putting in the water supply. Our neighbour, Archdeacon Titus, will continue to look after our house until we are able to return.

Christian resource centre

Andrew was able to stock up the resource centre with various supplies before we came to the UK. He hopes that they should not run out of anything until at least the end of this year. He has left his deputy, Lucy, in charge. She has good experience of running the resource centre as she has done so, without Andrew’s help, on several occasions. She is also in regular contact with Andrew and can let him know if there are any issues that she needs help with.

In June Andrew was able to get permission to drive down to Kampala to collect all the copies of the Alur Hymn Book. Local people are very happy that it is back in stock.

Health centre

The five health units are struggling financially as there are much fewer patients than normal. (These units depend on fees received from patients as their main source of income.) People were not able to move in the district as all public transport was banned from the end of March until the end of August. This meant that each unit is struggling to pay their staff’s salaries. As a result of this, from July they agreed to reduce staff salaries until the situation improves. One of our Korean friends is giving money to each unit every thee months to help them to buy medical supplies. The health units are very appreciative of this help.


Joy started a new course at Northern Regional College in Ballymena in the middle of September. The name of the course is College Connect and its purpose is to give students a basic grasp of a number of important subjects, including maths, English, social media, web design, home economics and physical education. This course will allow Joy to get her foot on the ladder of education in the UK. The college is in the town where Andrew’s mother lives and is within easy walking distance. We hope that Joy will stay with her granny while she studies at college, only moving out when she goes to university. Please pray for Joy as she adjusts to studying in the UK and that she will be able to make some good friends. Please pray also for a good relationship between Joy and her granny.

Personal reflections

‘Coming home’ has been a bit strange for us due to COVID-19. We have not been able to meet people and even attending church is not like it use to be.  

Eunice is currently studying a course online on public healthcare. She hopes to use this knowledge when we move to Yumbe.

While it is our desire to return to Uganda, it seems unwise to book any flights until we know that Uganda is safe. We also need to wait until we see that Joy has settled and that her granny is happy for us to leave her.

While we know that the current situation is not easy for any of us, we should never forget that God is still in control.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Andrew, Eunice and Joy Moody

Praise points

  • That we were able to come to the UK.
  • That Joy was able to start studying in UK this month.
  • That the Alur hymn book has reached the resource centre.

Prayer points

  • That there would be real lasting peace in South Sudan.
  • That Uganda will be not be seriously affected by COVID-19.
  • That Joy will settle into life as a student in the UK.
  • That God will help those we have left in charge of our ministries.

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