January 2018

“Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far the Lord has helped us.’” 1 Samuel 7:12

We thank God that he has helped us through 2017 and trust that he will continue to help us in the year ahead.  We also want to thank you, our prayer partners, for your prayers and support in 2017 and pray that God will bless you as you have been a blessing to us.

South Sudanese Visit

This month Andrew will teach the Preacher’s Training Course in Arua and Kiryandongo. He will be joined by a lecturer from Korea, Rev. Jae Eun Park. This will be Rev. Jae’s first time in Uganda.  Please pray that he will adjust well to this new experience. Rev. Paul Kim will teach in Alere. This time we will teach Bible Doctrine II and the letters to the Thessalonians. We thank God that all the teaching material has been translated into Dinka so that we can give a copy of the teaching to each student.

In November Andrew visited Nyumanzi refugee camp and taught the book of James to around 50 pastors and church leaders. This teaching time went so well that we have decided to add them to the Preacher’s Training Course. We plan to begin their programme on 5 March. Please pray for wisdom as we prepare and teach the PTC.

Please pray for John Mach Garang and Mamer Abraham Kuot as they go to study in All Nations Theological Seminary near Kampala later this month for three years theological training.  Please pray also for the families they will leave behind for months at a time.

Dinka Bible

Dinka Bor New Testaments in Andrew’s office

We thank God that the Dinka Bor New Testament arrived in Goli on 19 December. Thank you for your prayers and gifts. We are thankful that the Dinka Bor New Testament is finally available in Uganda. We have informed our Dinka friends of this good news and we plan to start moving with them during the PTC programme.

Nebbi Diocese

Dinka Bor New Testament

We thank God that the church teachers’ training programme started in October. A group of pastors from Nebbi Diocese are doing the teaching. They have organised this themselves. This has encouraged Andrew as they are able to do this without depending on him.

Andrew hopes to teach the serving lay readers in Nebbi Diocese (around 300) later this year. In 2015 he was able to teach them the books of Thessalonians. This year he hopes to teach the book of James. We have prepared the teaching material in Alur as most of the lay readers do not know English. Please pray for the organising of this as it is not a simple thing to bring so many people together at one time.

Health Centre

In November Eunice and a Korean surgeon visited Yumbe, near the South Sudan border. They worked in the local government hospital and operated on 100 patients. The patients were mostly refugees from South Sudan. We cannot do medical work directly in the refugee camps due to government restrictions. We will visit again in early April.

Goli Health Centre is planning to buy a second hand ambulance; please pray that we can find a suitable one at the right price.

Personal Reflections

We had a good time with Joy over Christmas. She has now returned to her school. We will see her again at Easter. Andrew will be in UK for the month of February. He is going so that he can speak at a number of churches. Please pray for safe travel as he moves around and for wisdom to present the ministry well.

Andrew, Eunice & Joy Moody

Praise Points

  • Joy continues to enjoy life at RVA.
  • That we are able to start a new PTC in Nyumanzi in March.
  • That the Dinka Bor New Testaments have arrived.

Prayer Points

  • That there would be real lasting peace in South Sudan.
  • That the PTC students will benefit from the teaching they receive.
  • That the two students going for studies will adjust well to their new situations.
  • That God will provide the rest of the support that we need for our ministry.

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