June 2019

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ Matthew 6:34

Recently we’ve been thinking about the Borana of northern Kenya, a people group who can be found spanning the border of Kenya and Ethiopia. Historically they were pastoralists and due to their use of cavalry ruled the arid region of northern Kenya. Please keep praying for my friend Ali, who is a Borana, to come to know Jesus as saviour. He is interested in reading the Bible but the last few weeks have taken us Macleans away from Nairobi and we will be away for three more weeks now, so pray for reading the Bible together to recommence when we return to Nairobi. We have a visit planned to Marsabit in northern Kenya in July, God willing. The purpose is to gather data for Alex’s master’s research, to visit Borana Christians and see how the church is doing in that part of Kenya.

Supper with our Burundian friends at AIU

After AIU

Where we will live and work after AIU is still an unknown to us. As some of you know, we have had a few setbacks in the last month with a prospective trip to Benin having to be called off for security reasons a few days before flying and this having a knock on effect on Susannah’s Kenyan visa situation. We set out to remedy the soon-to-be-expiring visa by taking a week’s trip to our old college in Arusha, Tanzania and were shocked at the border when the Kenyan immigration declared that Susannah and the kids would not be allowed back into Kenya without leaving the East African region.

So we are actually writing to you from ‘exile’ in dry season Senegal, which we hope will be a useful investigative trip in terms of future ministry opportunities amongst the Wolof people, possibly in a town a few hours east of Dakar. This trip is also a lovely excuse to visit family living in Dakar and solve our visa troubles with the Kenyan immigration.

The surprises of the last month have really exposed to us how much we prize the perception of ‘being in control’ of our lives and how we have been forgetting that God determines every step of our lives, making ‘control’ an idol. We really want to know the future so that we can plan for it but the future belongs to God. We are hoping to find a suitable ministry placement that uses the skills and experience that God has given us and which is sustainable for longer-term ministry. Pray that God would open a suitable door and give us the strength and willingness to follow wherever he leads.


Our good friend Simon from DR Congo, who we have written about before, has just started a mission trip with his wife and son. It will be amazing experience for him and his family and may lead to longer term opportunities for service. Pray for the Lord to keep them safe and thank God for several generous individuals who have enabled the family to take this trip. They will be gone for just under three months and their knowledge of French and Swahili will really give them an excellent start for beginning to navigate the local language there.


Wonderfully we are expecting a new baby in December. Elias thinks it should be called ‘Kaka’, the Swahili word for brother. Bella suggested we call it ‘Zesta’, the name of a local low cost jam! Pray for strength for Susannah growing the little one and continuing all her normal duties. We are really thankful to God for our Crosslinks health insurance which Susannah had to take advantage of several times in her first trimester but her health is much more stable now.

The children at church showing the adults a song they learnt during vacation Bible School


Family life continues to be a rollercoaster of wonderful joy and frustration. Children can be so hilarious and as parents our hearts are keen to serve, but at other times anything can spark a tantrum and as parents we can be quick to anger. Please pray for us as a family to keep close to God, delighting in his word and letting it shape our daily life.

Please pray for the kids to see their need for Jesus and the amazing forgiveness that he offers.

Blessings in Christ,

Alex, Susannah, Bella & Elias

June In Senegal exploring future ministry options

July-Aug Research in Marsabit

Sept-Oct Writing up thesis

December Baby due

Prayer points

  • An visible opportunity for future ministry and patience for us while we wait for it
  • A useful trip in Senegal exploring future options
  • Safety for Simon and family on their mission trip
  • A productive research trip to Marsabit among the Borana people
  • For us as a family to be slow to anger, centred and modelled on Jesus

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