Alex and Susannah Maclean

Alex and Susannah are planning to move to West Africa, to work among a non-Christian people group. Having studied at Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya for two years they are now back in the UK preparing for the move. After language study, Alex and Susannah will be involved in sharing their faith with people of the majority religion.  

Alex and Susannah both spent much of their childhood in central and eastern Africa and so are familiar with many of the culturally challenging aspects of life in a different culture. Over the last year, God has put the Z people on their hearts and they plan to spend the next five years sharing their faith in Jesus with individuals and groups from this people group. 

Alex and Susannah's longer-term aim is to help believers from the Z people to establish a church meeting in the Z language. To equip them for this task, Alex and Susannah will start by studying the language of the Z people for a year, before embarking on various outreach projects, which will be decided when they have better cultural awareness. 



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