Alex and Susannah Maclean

Alex and Susannah are in Nairobi, studying at Africa International University (AIU). After studying in Kenya, Alex and Susannah hope to return to Tanzania, where they served in 2013. They plan to teach at Munguishi Bible College,  training pastors to teach God’s word.

Alex and Susannah both spent much of their childhood in central and eastern Africa and so are familiar with many of the culturally challenging aspects of life there. Over the year they spent at Munguishi, God grew in them a passion to see the Church in East Africa equipped with leaders who can teach God’s word well. In addition, during their time at Munguishi Alex and Susannah learnt a lot of Swahili as they attended chapel, got to know the students and prepared lessons. From 2014 - 2017 Alex and Susannah studyied Theology for Crossing Cultures at Oak Hill Theological College. To equip them further, they are studying for a Master's in Mission Studies at AIU. 



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