July 2022

Dear friends and family,

Both Nomfundo and I hope you’re doing well. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to write this prayer letter back in South Africa! If you haven’t heard already then we’re praising God for granting me a visa, so I can finish off my studies with Nomfundo, at George Whitefield College. In the last prayer update, I briefed you on developments with regards to the visa fiasco causing extra delays. We both ended up staying in the UK for just over two months, in total (which was the whole of our second term of lectures). 

Indeed, God does have a sense of humour. One of the reasons of moving to study at GWC was to get the ‘in person’ experience of studying rather than studying online. Studying has been an experience of two halves so far; the first half being in person, in Cape Town, and the second being online, in the UK. This was yet another reminder of the importance of holding loosely to our own plans because we can’t be certain of the details of all of God’s. However, we do know that he is faithful, he is good, he is gracious and he is our guide. His ways and plans are the best. 

Through the help of some good friends in class and helpful lecturers, studying from the UK was manageable. We definitely missed out on the relational aspect of interacting with our classmates and lecturers. We missed out on attending the Message Church and getting stuck in with serving there. We also missed the joy of being part of the wider college community and community of Muizenberg, in Cape Town. However, we learnt a lot of valuable lessons about God and about ourselves. 

Many reading this may be aware that I’ve often struggled with anxiety in the past. This had often been triggered by traumatic events, particularly whilst staying in Johannesburg. But to be honest, it is something that I’ve wrestled with for quite a stretch of my life, even when living in the UK. Going into the new year, both Nomfundo and I were overjoyed to be moving to Cape Town but it was also a big change for us. It was also the first time Nomfundo was moving away from Johannesburg, which is where most of her close family reside. I’ve often been one to embrace big changes, despite battles I’ve faced with anxiety. I can only attribute this to the Lord’s strength. Nevertheless, we have been acutely aware that a lot of changes have been coming our way, in a short period of time. Getting married was the biggest joy of our lives next to becoming Christians but the run-up to our wedding was made very difficult by family tension and stress. The next big changes were moving to Cape Town (involving a new house, a new church and a new routine). We were excited about many of these changes and grateful about how God has led and provided for us. However, we were very tired as we headed into the Easter break and flew back to the UK.

With Adam's family before leaving for South Africa

When the visa issues arose, I went into a frenzy of problem solving and fixing. Looking back, I can see that I was beginning to believe that I was the one in control of what lay ahead – instead of the Lord.  Our time in the UK was longer than expected, which presented many blessings, such as staying with family and friends for longer. The uncertainty of what was ahead for us did take its toll, though. At points, I could feel my anxiety resurface as it’s done in the past and that made many things feel like more of a battle. 

However, God has been gracious in providing what Nomfundo and I need each step of the way. Learning to trust in the Lord because of his proven track record as well as to hope in the Lord because of his promises for the future – these are two of the big things we’ve both been dwelling on a lot over these past few weeks. They’ve been some big themes that have come out of some of our lectures from various different modules at college this term. God has provided peace when needed and helped me to wrestle through my anxiety as well as my sinful responses to my anxiety. God has also been so gracious in providing me with a visa, so that Nomfundo and I were able to travel back to Cape Town together to do our exams. After completing our assignments, we were able to fly back a few days before the exam period and complete all of our exams. We praise God that we also passed these exams. After completing these exams we took a few days to rest in Cape Town before travelling on a long bus journey to Johannesburg, to visit family and friends. 

Celebrating Nomfundo’s mum’s birthday with her family

If the last semester is anything to go by, who knows what I’ll be writing about next! But one thing is certain: God is good and he is faithful. Hopefully my next prayer update can also testify to this as well. We’re both incredibly grateful for all of your support and we look forward to this new semester and what the next period will bring. 

God bless,

Adam and Nomfundo

Praise God for:
•    Granting a visa so that Nomfundo and I were able to travel back to Cape Town together. 
•    Give thanks we could both take our exams and that we both passed.
•    The opportunity to see family and friends in Johannesburg.
•    Giving us the peace and strength to persevere through times of stress and anxiety.

Pray for:
•    Rest before the new semester begins (18 July) so we are refreshed and ready for it.
•    Continued peace and trust in the Lord as we continue to settle into Cape Town and our new church after a disrupted semester. Pray too, for us to build relationships with college friends and to get involved with things in the community. 
•    Us to be intentional in seeking to grow our friendship in marriage and really use this opportunity to establish our new family and consider what it looks like to bring both our cultures together, with Christ at the centre.

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