Ochalla Omot Cham

Ochalla is a BEST study partner at St Frumentius Anglican Theological College (SFATC).

Ochalla is from Dimma, a town in the far south of the Gambela region. It is a very remote and dangerous area with many small ethnic groups. Ochalla hopes to work as an evangelist in Dimma, taking the gospel to several small ethnic groups that are as yet unreached. When he came to SFATC, Ochalla already had many good qualities that are difficult to teach: charisma, gentleness, kindness. After one year of study, he has proven himself a fast learner, dutiful student, well-respected colleague and an influential leader. Chris Wilson, lecturer at SFATC, writes, ‘I see Ochalla as a very promising young leader in a community that currently has very few trained leaders.’


Ochalla is studying for a Diploma in Theology from August 2017 – June 2020. He needs £1,700 per academic year until 2020 to complete his studies.




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