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Trevor and Andrea Watson

Trevor and Andrea serve at Gothenburg International Church. Trevor is part of the preaching team at the church and both Trevor and Andrea are involved with evangelistic activities, youth work, children’s camps, ministry to refugees and one-to-one bible reading.

Trevor is also developing a preaching conference ministry – Equipped:Sweden – as part of a growing Swedish gospel partnership. Through this he hopes to encourage a return to gospel-centred expository preaching in a country where fewer and fewer churches have the Bible at the heart of their ministry.

Trevor and Andrea have three children: Emily, Grace and Alice.




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Recent Prayer Letters

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he got up, went out, and made his way to a deserted place; and there he was praying.’ Mark 1:35 (CSB) Simon doesn’t get it. With so much ‘work to be done for God’; healings, exorcisms, preaching … why does Jesus prioritise ‘communion with God’? George Müller did get it. When a young James Hudson Taylor visited him in August 1865, Müller spoke with him on ‘communion with God being work for God’.
Your prayers really matter!  In fact, more than anything we want you to partner with us in prayer, just as the Thessalonian believers partnered with Paul in prayer. Through your prayers, you’re directly involved in God’s work in Sweden. We were powerfully reminded of this recently while reading a book that Trevor received as a Sunday School prize 41 years ago, and has recently re-discovered! Mountain Rain is the quite remarkable story of God’s work, through James Fraser, among the Lisu people. But not just through James Fraser, in fact, through all those who faithfully partnered with him in what he called “prayer companionship”. As the word spread and the Spirit moved, thousands of Lisu came to faith in the Lord Jesus. And in the midst of this incredible work, we read that: “James had a quickened sense that people were praying for him at home. Thousands of miles away, they were directly engaged in the work of God among the Lisu and concerned too in keeping James himself filled with the Spirit of power. He knew conclusively now that the prayers of God’s people had brought the harvest.”
Do we really believe Jesus when he says this? Paul Miller, in his excellent book, A Praying Life, says: ‘The problem is that we’re quietly confident that time, money and talent are all that we need in our lives’. Is this why we’re often so lacking when it comes to prayer? And what about in our churches? Could this be why prayer meetings can slip down the priority list and even when they do happen, they can often be so lifeless? We’ve been really challenged about all of this in church recently, as 2023 has brought a renewed focus on prayer. But we’ve also been so encouraged to see real signs of life and growth in this area, particularly in the church prayer meetings.
When we arrived in Sweden, just over six years ago, our plan was certainly to be there long-term.  And in many ways, it still is, even if, for a time, the Lord, in determining our steps, has brought us back to Northern Ireland. It hasn’t been easy coming to terms with this move and yet, step by step, God has been undertaking it for us and so many times has surprised us with reminders that he is the one ordering and directing our steps, for our good and his glory.  
To be content whatever the circumstances is something God has been, and still is, teaching us. We are so thankful for his patience with us and grace to us. Day by day he has been strengthening us and really enabling us to experience contentment in him. Please pray that we would continue to learn well and to experience God’s sufficiency with thankfulness and joy. 

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