Study Partner

Rabuma Bekuma Wadajo

Bachelors of Practical Theology
Nekemte Christian Education College
2021 – 2025

Rabuma is a BEST study partner at Nekemte Christian Education College.

Rabuma was brought up by Christian parents and is still part of the same church he attended as a child. As he grew older, Rabuma took on increased responsibility in the church – leading the choir, then volunteering as church secretary, then serving as youth leader. He has now been working for the church full-time for the past four years as an evangelist.

Rabuma would like to continue in ministry long-term. He shares, ‘I have a vision to proclaim the gospel to non-Christians and preach the good news to them. I want to evangelise and expand the boundary of the gospel. I also want to train ministers who can teach the word of God in depth and protect the church from false teachers. This course will give me deep knowledge and more understanding of the word of God. It will also give me direction and develop my insight into the work of mission and evangelisation.’

Rabuma is studying for a Bachelors of Practical Theology from August 2021 – June 2025. He needs £760 per year for four academic years.




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Orthodox Christianity

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