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Julian and Nicky Milson

It is estimated that just 1% of the population of Spain are evangelical Christians. Although 75% of Spaniards identify as Roman Catholic, this may reflect a sense of cultural identity rather than personal faith.

Julian and Nicky Milson are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with Spanish people and training up disciples who can advance the gospel for generations to come. They live and work in Valencia (Spain’s third largest city) where Julian is seconded to the IERE (Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church).

Julian leads Iglesia de Jesucristo in Valencia whilst Nicky’s primary ministry is supporting Julian and look after their children, Jemima and Theo.




Evangelical Christians:


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Roman Catholic

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Recent Prayer Letters

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and pray for us and our work in Valencia.  We are so grateful to God for your partnership with us and your involvement in our ministry is such an encouragement to us. It’s been a busy time here since we last wrote and so we’d like to share with you something of what the Lord has been doing among us.
Greetings from a very warm Valencia! Our summer term felt like it sped by as we were very occupied by a variety of activities throughout each week. One very exciting new venture was to begin a weekly club held in the church building for primary-aged children where they were invited along to learn English and to engage in a Bible story and songs and activities, rather like a mini holiday club. Each Wednesday we entertained around 14 Spanish-speaking children (although we had 28 children through the doors over nine weeks). It was a real joy the week that they finally picked up the vocabulary for the song ‘Jesus’ Love is Very Wonderful’ and we heard their little voices ringing out with those words! We are now praying that once we restart the club after the summer break, we will continue to build upon good relationships formed with the children and their families.
Since we last wrote, we have had Christmas, New Year, a birthday (Theo) and the huge ‘Las Fallas’ festival here in Valencia! We also welcomed back to Spain the Frenches, who had been on a six-month home leave in Australia, and the Lovell family (John Lovell was the previous minister here) who were on holiday also from Australia. Nicky’s parents visited in January and some cousins in March, so the start of 2023 has been busy.
We continue to trust in God’s good purposes for us here in Valencia, and we’re thankful for all his good gifts. We are very grateful for our supportive church family here but also for those in our local community who are familiar faces (especially those in our dog community!). Please pray for the people we know that we will continue to build good relationships with them to be able to share the good news of Jesus with them in whatever ways God provides.
Greetings from rainy Valencia! We have started a Sunday afternoon/evening youth group with Jim and Tanja which runs every two weeks! Thank you for praying as we planned it.
Dear Friends, It has been amazing over the last few months to experience such generosity towards us as a family as we visited most of our UK partner churches and were able to catch up with many people who support us individually. We had a very busy June and July, packed full of travelling, meetings and social events and we are so thankful for all those who hosted us during this time

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