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John and Jenny Miller

John and Jenny serve in Johannesburg, where John teaches at Johannesburg Bible College (JBC).  

JBC is an interdenominational college offering practical bible training to students from a huge variety of backgrounds from South Africa and beyond.

Many millions of South Africans are in churches where pastors have had little or no bible training. JBC aims to equip and inspire men and women for bible-teaching ministries. John teaches courses on understanding and teaching the Bible, basic doctrine and books of the Bible.  

Jenny’s primary ministry is supporting John and home-schooling their three children, David, Matthew and Samuel.  

South Africa



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Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English

Recent Prayer Letters

Thank you so much for your prayerful partnership. It is a joy to see the Lord’s work in answer to the prayers of his people. January starts with the Training of Trainers conference, aiming to encourage and equip those involved in training biblical preachers and teachers in Africa. This year we divided the conference into three (Johannesburg in January, Accra in May and Kampala in August) to enable more to attend. We had 58 delegates in Johannesburg, including some new partner ministries, and it was encouraging to discuss plans for new Bible training centres in Mozambique, Namibia and Malawi that will start, Lord-willing, this year. The team from Namibia also visited in February to watch a week of JBC classes, and we rejoice that the Namibia Bible Institute has now begun in Windhoek, using JBC materials. 
Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) It remains a huge privilege to train students from across Africa for Bible teaching ministries. We are in the final term of the year, and I have been listening to some of our second-year students preaching on 1 Peter this term. It has been wonderful to see the progress that students have made in understanding and teaching God’s word. Part of my large pile of marking recently has been their final doctrine class test and again, we thank the Lord to see the progress in understanding that students have made while at college. One of our staff team has been in Zimbabwe this term applying for a visa, which has made the term feel very stretched, with a part-time Masters on top of JBC responsibilities, but we are thankful for the Lord’s sustaining throughout. 
The main encouragement at JBC continues to be lives and ministries transformed by God’s word. Each prayer letter I introduce a different student, illustrating the wide range of JBC students. Kabelo is from Kliptown, one of the poorest areas of the Soweto township. Prosperity teaching, offering a financial breakthrough to those who give, is particularly common in poorer areas as many search desperately for relief, but Kabelo has increasingly seen how damaging such teaching is and how wonderful the gospel is in comparison. He frequently evangelises in his area and has gathered a group who are hungry to hear the true word of God. Although he didn’t finish school, he is keen to learn and shows huge potential.
The year started with a wonderfully encouraging Training of Trainers conference in Nairobi. We had 75 delegates attending in person, from 28 institutions in 13 different nations, plus another 160 attending online from four different locations across Africa. We had some excellent sessions on understanding and teaching the Bible, and the book of Joshua, and some wonderful expositions on 1 Samuel from a Kenyan pastor.
We are very thankful for the Lord for sustaining JBC through Covid-19 and beyond. This year, we have about 230 students in six separate learning communities across three campuses. Students come from very different backgrounds to study at JBC for a variety of reasons, but it is a privilege to see God’s grace at work changing lives and ministries over the course of the one or two years that students spend at college. This year, for the first time, we have had a full-time second year course and it is wonderful to see students finishing their time at JBC with deeper and clearer Biblical convictions and longing to see Christ glorified as his word is proclaimed. John has enjoyed teaching a range of subjects to first and second year students at Auckland Park and evening students in Soweto, and particularly enjoyed writing and teaching a new module on Understanding and Teaching Wisdom Literature this term.  
In the LORD’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels towards all who please him. Proverbs 21:1. South African bureaucracy seems unpredictable to us, but we know the Lord reigns and he is good.

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