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Johannesburg Gap Year Team 2024

Zac, Ellie, Isabella and Nathan will be living in Johannesburg and serving as church interns at Hope Church Auckland Park.

The team will be serving alongside fellow Crosslinks mission partners James and Lucy Buchanan at Hope Church Auckland Park. They will be join a wider team of church interns, helping with the children’s and youth ministries during the week and on Sunday mornings. Through Hope Church’s ministry internship scheme, the team will learn how to handle the Bible and have the opportunity to give Bible studies and short talks. They will also spend time studying theology at Johannesburg Bible College. Outside of their formal studies and serving, there will be lots of time to get know their church family, experience the South African culture and have fun as a team.

South Africa



Evangelical Christians:


Main religion:


Main Languages:

Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English

Recent Prayer Letters

We’ve now been here for just over six weeks, time seems to have flown past and there is lots to thank God for! On 5 March, we emptied out and cleaned the church offices as part of the move into the main church compound. Zac and Ellie rocked the high vis jackets in style and it was great to really work alongside the staff team here and to get to know each other just whilst mopping and sweeping. It’s a big change for all the staff to be working in limited space, so pray that it wouldn’t be a barrier to church work. Praise God that so far the change has gone well, the church hall works remarkably well as one big office and we’re all pleased the sofas made it this side with us.
Thank you all for offering to support us in prayer as we start our five month stay in South Africa. We’ve only been here for two and a half weeks but have already done so much and there is so much to be thankful for.

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